Fiorino TSC hd (4)

The luxury boxed Fiorino TSC unit [Turntable Speed Control] is directly derived from the exotic Gold Note proprietary Bellagio Conquest motor power supply, featuring a 12Volt motor with a PWM unit [Power Width Modulator] to enable great torque and outstanding low working noise thanks to a sophisticated design that allows the AC 12V synchronous motor to work with its three phases perfectly aligned and so removing any vibration

Fiorino TSC electronically control the speed and can be set on 33rpm and 45rpm, both fine adjustable, while pitch is permanently stored in the micro controller memory of the unit

With Fiorino TSC you can enhance the performance of all Gold Note turntables ever made being designed in the same size of motors previously used and it can fit any other turntable to match the superiority of the Gold Note sound


Main features: Turtable Speed Control, electronic computer controlled power supply
12VAC motor & power transformer
Speed Control: 33⅓ and 45rpm +/-0,0001%
Pitch Control: Fine and permanent in memory
Speed changing: Electronic
Motor: 12VAC High Torque synchronous externally powered
Motor control: Gold Note proprietary design PWM | Power Width Modulator |


Power Mains Supply: 18VAC
Power consumption: 10W @0,5A


Super Power Transformer
Arno Power Distributor


120mm L | 30mm H | 90mm D (power transfomer excluded)
Total weight: 1kg