Siena Bridge Extra Speaker Enhancer is a solid core hybrid silver/copper multi conductors 30cm long speaker cable extension

Made with a sealed Elastollan® air tube filled with a special mineral oil working as dielectric while damping electrical energy of the conductor, Siena Bridge Extra enables an incredible sound quality improvement even matched with standard quality speaker cables

Siena Bridge Extra is terminated with original Gold Note rhodium plated bananas

Construction: solid core Gold Note separate insulated geometry
Conductors: hybrid pure silver and copper Gold Note conductors 6x18AWG each
Insulation: Elastollan® pipe, separate conductors wet in mineral oil
Capacitance: 18pF/mt
Inductance: 0.7μH
Resistance: 0.0001ohm

Flexibility: very good
Admitted bending: good
Cable diameter: 2 x 8mm

Banana: real solid copper rhodium plated without nickel