Siena Bridge Plus Speaker Enhancer is a solid core copper multi conductors 30cm long speaker cable extension

Made with a sealed Elastollan® air tube filled with a special mineral oil working as dielectric while damping electrical energy of the conductor, Siena Bridge Plus enables a great sound quality improvement even matched with low quality speaker cables

Siena Bridge Plus is terminated with original Gold Note rhodium plated bananas

Construction: solid core Gold Note separate insulated geometry
Conductors: pure copper Gold Note conductors 10x18AWG each
Insulation: Elastollan® pipe, separate conductors wet in mineral oil
Capacitance: 35pF/mt
Inductance: 0.9μH
Resistance: 0.0001ohm

Flexibility: very good
Admitted bending: good
Cable diameter: 2 x 8mm

Banana: rhodium plated